• I started my career as an actress professionally at 18 years old, and it has been an on-going love affair. The podcast "Unplug with ani," started as a passion project, and enjoying every step of the process. I truly hope to ignite you, inspire you and fuel you to be the best version you can be


    I Act

    The acting bug hit me pretty young. I was 12 years old when i decided i wanted to pursue this as a career. So far it has been quite the journey, and quite the roller-coaster working in the UK and internationally too.

    I Write

    I have loved writing from a young age, specifically poetry, and now have ventured into the spoken word space as well. I always find it an amazing creative outlet.

    I Host

    The podcast started as a side passion hustle, and now i have some amazing guests on the show, and a variety of series which i am passionate about exploring. The main themes of the show include mindset, motivation and faith.

    I Coach

    For those of you wanting to get a taste of what this is like, i offer a 12 week program called 'Finding yourself,' centered around tapping into your best self, and creating new boundaries whilst thriving with a lot more self love. If interested drop me an email! aniwarness@gmail.com, or get in touch via contact page!



    Its been so wonderful dabbling in theatre, commercials, television and Film. I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities, and look forward to all the new ones ahead!

    Find link to my spotlight resume, and agent information.


    I have been fortunate enough to be a content writer on the Big Picture Film Club, as well as sites such www.femalehustlers.com. Writing has always been something i have enjoyed, specifically poetry! To catch some of my spoken word work, do follow me on instagram!

    Unplug with ani


    I started the podcast, out of a passion for connecting with my following. I am also a people lover, and am passionate about making a difference. Studying sociology and psychology has also contributed to making me fascinated with human behaviour.


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    Hey I hear you, I feel you I know the drama, I know the trauma. Ya. I know it. See I know how...
    We are often chasing tomorrow before we even use the skills we acquired yesterday for today. We...
    Some habits creep up on us, though they were just there to visit. The worst thing is if they end...
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    Shipping Lawyer

    "Anisa is a woman that inspires. In the time that I have known Anisa, I have come to know her as a woman of dedication, passion and perseverance. Her strength of character shines through whatever she takes on, be it her podcasts, dancing or her performances. She stands for what she believes in and believes in what she stands for. Not only is she talented, she is also one of the most kind and caring persons that I have ever met. What stands out the most to me about Anisa, is her constant evolution. She grows both as an artist and as a person with each passing day."





    Kayser Foyz

    Writer and Filmmaker


    "It’s always great working with Anisa, her curiosity and tenacity informs her layered approach to character study and the result is an engaging and original performance. Coupled with her professionalism on set and stage, means its always a collaborative adventure when storytelling with Anisa!"



    Neethi Isaac

    Brand Strategist


    Having observed Anisa from near and afar for a couple of years now, I can say that she one of the most hard-working, motivated, driven and grounded women I know. While her ambitions soar high, she keeps her eyes to the ground, focused and intentional about everything she puts her hand to. She’s constantly improving herself — sharpening her skill and craft, learning the new and staying ahead. Her faith and her optimistic outlook on life are evident in the way she approaches every single assignment she works on. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t start something and abandon it — she gives it all she’s got, she sees it through and she makes it better and stronger with time. I’m privileged to know her and I love watching her grow with every new assignment she works on!

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