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If you just stop and look around
There is so much beauty to be found.
And I find myself stopping,
Going against time
To find the little things that people miss as they grind .
Like the the child that is laughing and playing games on the street,
Like the two lovers parting,
Or the ones who compete.
In everyday meetings,
In mundane events,
At special surprise dinners,
In moments of regret and content.

And I think we miss out you know,
In what life has to offer,
In playing our roles well
Like mother or daughter.
That we forget life is what we want it to be,
Not a chase for money
Or paying a maintenance fee.

If you wanna be famous
Sure why not?
If you want to just travel,
What's stopping you boss?
If you want to be president and create history.
What's stopping you I say
What's stopping me?

If we didn't have rules
If we didn't have lines,
If we weren't in a rush to beat time.
Wouldn't it just be sublime,
To hustle and grind
And get what we want,
Not fit into a box,
Or be a favourite font.
Be something today,
Something else tomorrow,
Make your own happiness
Choose your own sorrow.

Yet even in the midst of this chaos,
This crazy , incredible life.
Even if your striving to be something
There is beauty in strife.
And this is all we have,
No second chance,
So keep looking for those moments
It just takes a glance.
And sometimes in that glance
You will make
A new memory in this forsaken place,
And you'll take it with you
Take it to the grave.
And I swear it will be worth it,
I think it will be worth it,
I know it will be worth it.
It was worth it
You say.


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