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My guest for this episode, Maxwell Ivey, also known as "The blind blogger," is certainly an overcomer, as are all of my guests in their unique ways. Maxwell certainly continues to stay optimistic and adaptable. His approach to excuses is that while we may not be able to eliminate them at once, we have the responsibility to take baby steps in the direction of improvement. No one is going to do the hard things for you. If you are lucky to have people around you who do, be prepared for a time where they might not be able to hold your hand every step of the way. Sometimes the best approach when trying to do something new is simply JUST DO! There will never be an "ideal" time to start. And this coming from someone who isn't able to see, is extremely inspiring. So that leaves me with the question..."What's your excuse?"

Excuses come in all different shapes and sizes but underneath it is the same thing. I love how Maxwell emphasizes how we need to be kind to ourselves about this process. Yes awareness is always the first step, but what you do afterwards does matter. The more I work with people, and also coach them, the more I have realized that we need to be our own best friend. This also means we can be critical of ourselves the most. We can recognize work need's to be done, but also learn to appreciate how far we have come. We can see that the goal is going to be hard and uncomfortable but we can encourage ourselves to take baby steps. No one is going to want you to succeed, more than you want yourself to, and therefore eliminating excuses is something no one else can do for us. We need to find the courage to do it.

"Excuses come in all different shapes and sizes but underneath it is the same thing."

Forget the excuses. Let's work on finding solutions!

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