"Your passion is not your purpose!" whhhaaaaatttt! So you mean all those years I thought that my job dictated my worth, and that I was only being purposeful when I was working is untrue?! Well according to Joey Kidney, it most definitely is, and you know what? He's absolutely right.

How can we purely be purposeful when we are doing x y z? What about being purposeful by just being?! "Is that even possible?" Well do you want the good news first or the bad? The good news is that purpose doesn't come by chasing the things we think makes us purposeful. Like money and fame and status. This means that we are actually FREE! When we are born, without any specific identity attached to us from society we aren't of no purpose because we just sit, cry and eat! So why have we decided to change this when we grow up? This absolutely sheds light on the fact that we are wired for purpose whether we like it or not. Our being and the fact we are living and breathing right now, means we HAVE PURPOSE!

The good news is that purpose doesn't come by chasing the things we think makes us purposeful

Phews ok, so that part is done. "So what's the bad news Ani?" There isn't really any bad news, other than the fact, we gotta really believe the good news. And that my friend is HARD! It's like the whole visualising and attracting what we want. If it was all easy everyone would have exactly what they visualise. But there is so much energy that goes into belief. There is so much BELIEF that goes into belief! The thought needs to marinate, it needs to be deeply ingrained in our bones so that the words we speak are interconnected to that belief. So that the thoughts we think are aligned with that belief. It can't be surface level, meaningless words we throw around, saying "alright, I get it, I believe you, I am purposeful as I am." It doesn't work like that. 

Real change happens; when we embrace all the facets of ourselves. This is easier to do when you know you have a purpose. It's so easy to be self critical and jeopardize yourself when you think you need to fit some kind of standard. It's easy to create that negative narrative in your head when you're comparing your life, with shadows of someone else's. I am saying 'shadows,' because really we only get a glimpse of that on social media and a shadow (if you haven't noticed) can often appear like something it's not right? It's not always an accurate reflection? When David kills Goliath. (throwing a little biblical reference in there) no one really thought little David with a stone and sling of all things was going to actually succeed. But David had gained his strength through his daily grind and also his God given talent. He was planted at that time but didn't just become purposeful because he killed the giant that was Goliath. David was already king of the fields. He just didn't know it yet. He was untarnished by society. There wasn't a label stuck to his head. He wasn't ticking the "self employed" box on a form. And doesn't that make all the difference?

If any of this resonated with you, this episode is a MUST LISTEN! 

As you go about your week, I hope you remember, you are loved and purposeful just as you are. Uncheck all those damn boxes!

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