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What is next is connected to what is now

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We are often chasing tomorrow before we even use the skills we acquired yesterday for today. We are often so caught up in the why we are not where we should be, overlooking the blessings we have right in front of us. Comparison is the root of a conflict, and very rarely brings contentment. Yet we always see another persons success, as a way of comparing what we should be doing, or achieving. Yet some of us may not be capable, or as dedicated as that person to put in the right work in order to achieve those end goals.

Let me give you some practical examples in order to put this into perspective, You want a six pack, because well, not many people wouldn't want one. It looks good right? But how many of you are ready to prep your meals in advance, sacrifice sweet and fried foods for the long haul and workout on a regular basis to acquire this end goal? We want all those gorgeous clothes, and beauty products that very successful bloggers get, which we are bombarded with on Instagram, but how many of you are ready to do your research on the market, to start from scratch, network, send out hundreds of emails, barter for no money initially, invest in a great camera and put in all those hours? By now you understand what i am getting at.

Some of you are definitely putting in the work. You may not see the harvest just as yet, but i can assure you if you are consistent and persistent, you will be working your way to that dream, whatever it is. So though we may beat ourselves in frustration, comparing our results to another's, understand that your journey is unique and individual to you. We all will be presented with our own trials and tribulations. If you stick with the course, and ride the waves, you will definitely find yourself making the right progress.

Going back to my examples, i wanted to highlight that we see the end harvest as temptation for picking dreams which maybe we really don't want. Are you actually passionate about diet, nutrition and fitness, and ready to put in the work in order to attain those abs? Are you actually passionate about fashion or make-up and social media marketing? What are you actually passionate about? The grass is always greener on the other side, and sometimes we forget that the journey that makes up our lives, is the process. That is the part we have to learn to enjoy. We cannot always focus on what is next, but we have to focus on what we are doing now, to attain the next part.

Is our actions in align with the goals we have? Are we doing today what is necessary for that goal, or contributing to the goal? Are we focusing on how best we can be productive today, or focusing on yesterdays mistakes, and/or somebody else's harvest?

People often quit when they hit obstacles, but are so close to their end goal. Persevere guys. What is next is connected to what is now, so focus in putting in the work now, and sooner or later you are going to get your own harvest.

To end this, i want you to think about the scene (if you have seen the last version of the film Karate Kid) with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. In one scene where Chan is training Smith, very early in the training he is teaching him to put on a jacket, and take off a jacket. This leaves Jaden frustrated, in repeating this action over and over again, and not advancing in the training. Until he finally communicates this frustration with Chan, wanting to walk away. Chan then stops him, and uses the basis of what he was training him to fight with him. What seemed like a basic putting a jacket on and off, was in fact much much more. Those very same hand actions, were the base for striking and defending against an opponent in karate.

Are there a blessings disguised as work in your life today, that is actually preparing you for the harvest? Make a list of what you think they could be, date it, and revisit it later to find out if you were right!

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