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"Life is a gift of God and is meant to be lived Victoriously."

Salma Bernard truly believes in EMPOWERING YOU to live life Victoriously! Salma doesn't deny that her faith and God had a lot to do with her own personal transformation. Knowing that her purpose is to serve with the talents she has, she is also aware of the responsibility that comes with. Victory is possible for all of us, Salma would argue. The question is, are you ready to take a leap and allow God to move you and use you?

Personally I absolutely relate to this. I cannot deny God's hand in my own life. I see the person I was, even just two years ago and realize I have come a long way in my personal development journey. The answer's didn't lie in a secret book, or in an extra special method I used. Ultimately it is the small, daily changes, the one's you will hear time and time again that make the bigger difference. God say's start with the little, and it will be honored and honestly it's true! We just need to step out with a willingness, to let go off old patterns of thinking, old behaviour's that don't contribute to our growth and imbed a new mantra to start living a much better life. So what are those steps?

"Growth doesn't happen where comfort is a priority."

1. Become your best friend and well wisher! :This sounds ridiculous right? Well think about this for a second. If every time you look in the mirror you slag yourself off, constantly critique yourself, shame yourself and bring yourself down, then how do you expect other's to lift you up? Sure compliments might seem great, and you feed on outside validation for a while, but there come's a point you have to learn not to rely on that to keep you going. YOU have to know YOU'RE worth it. Not your neighbour. Not your parents. Not your teacher. Not your friends. YOU!

2. Take yourself out on a date :Ok this doesn't have to be literal, but feel free if you want to, cause that's GREAT! What I mean is, talk to yourself like you would someone you are really interested in. Befriend YOU again. Treat yourself well. Care about the fact you may not be feeling good today and investigate as you would with a friend. Ask yourself why and get to the bottom of it. It's only when we dig deep and feel our feelings that we can really start making a difference. KNOW THYSELF! And no, this never stops. Get used to this, cause you're staying in this body for a lifetime.

3. Give :I know it might sound cliché. Let's not making it about giving so you get something in return, but just give because why not? I am not talking only about monetary giving here just to be clear, although that's fab if you do. Give yourself time, give your energy to passions which excite you, to conversations that fill you up and to things you have kept on the sidelines and never finished but really want to. Be a helping hand and let yourself be inconvenienced by this from time to time because I promise you, you're going to feel great, knowing you have helped someone.

4. Commit to learning: This is where that beautiful word Growth happens. Ask a question everyday you don't know the answer to. Read something you've never read before. Watch something you've not seen before. Go somewhere you've never been before. I respect that we are in a pandemic, but take a different route on your walk, if that's something you do, or listen to a new podcast about something you like, or eat something you never have. There are endless possibilities. Us humans get comfortable quick! But growth doesn't happen where comfort is a priority.

5. Discipline: Ok, I know this doesn't sound fun. You don't need to go to the extreme ends that I sometimes do, like getting up at 5am (shoutout to Robin Sharma again!) or doing crazy workouts everyday, or following a strict diet. Discipline simply means conquering yourself by doing the thing's you have to do, not the things you want to do, as much as possible. If you really want to grow and stretch, and get the things done that you say you will, you need to embed some sense of routine. For those of you who hate it, you may find this really hard to begin with. Robin Sharma says that, contrary to popular opinion it isn't a quick fix, "create a new habit in 14 days type programme here!" Instead he say's it takes 66 days of being consistent to really embed a new habit. Hey, this doesn't mean you don't have fun, or once in a while you don't change things up and are bound by routine, but it creates a wonderful template to fix your focus.

"It's only when we dig deep and feel our feelings that we can really start making a difference."

These steps definitely make me feel more victorious when I tap into the growth zone. Because lets face it, victory is not an overnight project, it's an everyday one!


Tune in to this week's episode!

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