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There is a gift in the grind

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I was listening to a sermon by pastor Steven Furtick the other day, and he said something very beautiful, he encouraged that we all find "The Gift in the Grind."

What does this mean? Well although Steven focuses on how this is relevant in faith, I feel it resonates even beyond our relationship with faith, including everyday life.

Life is moving super fast, and rarely do we find time to stop and soak in our progress, achievements, or even the changes we have gone through, before we move onto the next goal, or problem to solve. For me the gift is usually appreciated and seen in hindsight. It is often difficult to spot the gift in the present grind, yet I feel if you can, it changes the game completely.

So what is the gift? For me the gift is every lesson you learn along this journey of life. You can ask yourself, how may this failure, or pitfall, help me in the future. May it be that today's loss is tomorrows gain? May the impatience I feel now prepare me for the progress I am going to make tomorrow being the boss of my own company. Did you see what I did there? I took a negative emotion I may be feeling, and turned it into a positive statement, to help me see another perspective.

Have you ever looked back, to realize so many things have changed for the better, even though on a daily basis you may not see these changes? Have you ever had one of those moments in hindsight where it clicks, and you realize why you never got that job even though you wanted it so badly. Perhaps you never got that designer dress you were dying for, or even something small such as missing a train to get somewhere. Even though at the time, finding the gift or lesson in the grind may prove difficult, I promise with practice it gets easier, and actually becomes second nature.

I realized how I was taking life a little too seriously. Sure we all have our serious moments. However by implementing this thought process on a daily basis, and searching relentlessly for the magic in the grind, I am able to get a new perspective on life. Firstly I know on a practical sense, if I don't get that role I want as an actor, it is often not based on talent but on appearance and being right for a character. Once you minus that factor, it can also depend on the other actors, and if you fit certain height/weight or look compatibility. Sometimes its just luck, and being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes it isn't your time.

Furtick emphasizes that God indeed has a plan, and if you are a God believer you will relate to this. So in our pitfalls we must remind ourselves that for every closed door, there will be a better door ahead of us. I believe on focusing on the "what is to come," it is a soothing way of relieving the stress of not getting something immediately, or something expected. In that distraction you can pick yourself up and move on. In the process of convincing yourself, and truly believing that better lies ahead, I feel you automatically change a brain wave. Our thoughts reflect our reality. What we focus on now, eventually manifests in some way or form. Isn't it exciting that we have the power to manifest our greatest gift and glory? Isn't it amazing that even though today we may be struggling, we have a vision of the person we will be tomorrow?

Today I request you to take a moment to ask yourself what today's gift may be as you hustle your way through your day. And I hope your gift excites you to take that first step towards a happier self.

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