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This week's guest, Dylan Gray talks to me about life as a documentary filmmaker and why it is so important to tell the stories that matter. As a fellow Artist I can absolutely relate to this mission. I want to be part of stories that matter, and I want to tell those stories and be in those stories.

Those stories represent a huge part of what life is about. Sacrifice, struggle, perseverance despite the odds. Don't we all love a hero or heroine based story? But not just any Hero. We root for the underdog and why? Because we all want to win. Because somewhere in our own stories, don't we believe we are the underdog? I know I do! 

This week is such a significant week for me. My first book (of I hope many) has been put out into the world. It's scary but such a beautiful experience, for which I began planting the seeds years ago. Who would have thought, little me, who was putting pen to paper would have her own poetry anthology some day? It's always about the seeds you plant! If we knew it at the time perhaps we would be more intentional with the seeds! Cause we can't always say we are can we? As an adult I know I am trying to become more intentional. What do I want? Truly want? What do I want to see happen in my life? From the stories I want to be part of as an Actor, to the kind of stuff I want to write. What stories matter to me? And am I doing something towards creating those stories? 

"It's the stories we get told that tell us the narrative we are supposed to have. But that doesn't make that narrative right."

This week it's all about responsibility. Dylan touches upon this in the podcast episode wonderfully. Success is sweeter when we really want to use that success for more. It's not always about doing but how can we use what we have to elevate us to the next stage with a lot more purpose? Sure there is only a certain amount we can control. I was listening to a podcast with the fantastic and uber talented Bryan Cranstan today. He said for Actors, you need a hell of a lot of patience, perseverance, talent but also luck in this career. He was a working Actor since 25 years old but the kind of success he has achieved now at 65, wasn't there then. So why are we always in a rush? 

It's the stories we get told that tell us the narrative we are supposed to have. But that doesn't make that narrative right. Have you asked yourself what you want and why? We have more resources available to us than we ever have, I mean I published a book! Me! haha :) Not the most likely candidate. At least that is what I thought. So what is stopping us? Sure connections, money at times, but that doesn't stop us putting pen to paper and creating something. As a little girl I didn't think I was writing for others. When I got onto stage, it wasn't about pleasing others, it was about that inner satisfaction and happiness it gave me by just being. It was about the possibility of affecting people. So when did it all become about people pleasing?

This week, choose to tell your story. The untold one. The one that will surprise you. The one that matters. Not the fluff. And see how that changes your world. 

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