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Tanya Alijani is a former model and trainer who found her calling to be of divine service after experiencing a life changing transcendental awakening through Meditation that changed the path of her life forever. In the episode "The Observer," we talk about what it was that made her change direction and how from chasing external fulfillment, she was able to find the peace within herself.

One thing the pandemic definitely encouraged me to do was slow down. Many of us were caught in the rat race of needing to accomplish and go go go. But when do we ever stop to smell the flowers or appreciate the little things? We may think we have everything but actually the more we consume and the more we collect, the more busy we get right? And what happens when we actually get everything we want? Do we finally slow down? I think not! I can't deny I love being busy. I have this obsession with self growth and being productive that at times it can consume me. So I know I have to implement strategies to prevent myself from drowning in my to-do list.

In the episode Tanya dives into why meditation is not only beneficial for slowing down the mind, but for health, for sleep and much more. I have to say, having tried meditation myself, that it has wonderful benefits, but like everything that comes with practice and consistency. What are some of the other thing's I do to help create peace and calm within my daily grind you say? Ah, I thought you'd never ask!

1. Early rising! I am pleased to announce, thanks to Robin Sharma, I have joined the 5am club. While this isn't necessary, or fixed, it works for me. I am an absolute morning person. When I choose to dominate the first few hours of my day, my whole day is focused, far more productive, I am not rushed off my feet, I have time for everything, including eating, sleeping, working out and so much more! I could go on and on with the benefits of this, but it does mean...

2. Sleep is essential! And if I am rising at 5am, I need to make sure I sleep by 10pm. Getting 7-8 hours daily truly makes all the difference. Sure there are day's it isn't possible, especially when early rising. Perhaps a social engagement cropped up, or a special occasion. Perhaps an emergency arose, or you have kids, or even night shifts! You have to do what works for you ultimately. What I do know is whatever your schedule looks like, nothing replaces a good night sleep.

3. Eating well and working out. I have stuck them both together because naturally they compliment each other. This isn't about weight loss and looking a certain way. This is about keeping the body agile, and training the mind like an athlete. If the mind and body are well fed and nurtured, you operate better! Its as simple as that! You wouldn't go on a road trip without filling enough gas in the tank would you? So why would you push yourself to work and get things done without fueling yourself first?

4. I absolutely love listening to podcasts on my walks, sermons, good music, and reading are amongst my absolute favourite daily things to do. I developed a love for using my time to do these things because they feed my mind well. Remember the car analogy? Well if our food is the fuel in the car, then these things are the snacks we carry on the road trip! They are the things that make our journey better. They help us in the trials and tribulations. They give us a kick up the ass when we slack, and so does...

5. The company we keep. It's been said so many times, I am sure you are sick of hearing it! The company you keep matters. Who are in your close friend/family circle? Who are your colleagues? Sure I don't expect you to leave a job you love around people you hate, but just make sure it isn't the environment that is bringing you down. Observe! How do you feel when you interact with people, as well as after that interaction is finished? Have they left you feeling uplifted or drained? Apparently we are like the five people we spend the most time with! I really hope when I go out in the world, I am representing five great people! Otherwise I am doing something wrong.

I hope these tips inspire you to bring more system into your day. We often associate systems with being boring, suffocating our creativity. However I find, when I schedule the time to be creative I get so much more done. I don't need to be stressed about the daily chores like cooking and getting my workout in. I know I have allocated time to all the things that matter in my day, as well as having enough energy because I am sleeping well and eating well. Simple tactics, but they make all the difference.

I highly recommend tuning into this episode on "Unplugwithani" as soon as you can! There should be a sense of urgency in finding our path. Perhaps it is the inevitability of our mortality that makes me want to commit to developing myself as much as possible! "Time is of the essence," as they say. There is no better time to start than NOW.

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