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TAPPING INTO PEACE with David Meltzer


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In conversation with David Meltzer

And the topics of fear, like you mentioned fear specifically, but anxiety, mental health, all of these things are constantly under the radar. How do you personally stay in a healthy state, in a healthy mental state with so much work happening around you and obviously being pulled in different directions, and that's obviously part of also being an entrepreneur and having your hands in, you know, in different doors if you like. But pressure is often not just, you know, from the work. It's from family, relationships and many different departments in your life. So how do you personally stay in that optimal state of, you know, good mental health? -Anisa



Yeah. So the way to stay in the state of good mental health and peace at center is simply to know where that is. So the first step is to have meditation routine seven days a week. I would tell people two minutes of meditation is worth more than two hours on a Saturday. So what I do is utilize the baseline every day by meditating, finding my center and then understanding and raising my awareness to when I'm acting out of ego. Eagle edges goodness out of my life and corrupts the connection to that which inspires me. It allows me to get distracted from the focus that I have. It puts me on a trajectory, not on the pursuit of my potential, but one in which I don't want. So the first step is to have a baseline by meditation, the second to raise my awareness of when I'm out center or out of center, and utilizing physical and mental and spiritual technique so that I don't allow the need to be right, the need to be offended, the need to be separate and inferior, superior guilty, resentful, offended, angry, frustrated, fearful, anxious, any of the needs of the ego in which I raised my awareness that setting down the baseline of being of center. Now I can utilize the approach that if I go off of trajectory, if I go off the center, the first step is to stop and re-center myself. -David Meltzer

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