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PT the Gospel Spitter, was all fired to answer some hard questions. The truth almost always never looks pretty, but if we can choose to accept it, and decide to consciously do better everyday, we give ourselves permission to step into a power we never knew we had. I remember recording this episode with PT, a little into the pandemic situation. There were two movements happening according to me- 1. The Pandemic, and 2. Black Lives Matter. Not only was this a time of real social unrest, but also a massive call to change, and a time to challenge our own prejudices and biases.

What became apparent was that PT is a man who practices what he preaches, and isn't afraid of having tough conversations. From experiencing incarceration to cementing a new way of living outside the time he served and a new lease of life, he knows without a doubt that change is possible, but change always begins on the inside.

"We give ourselves permission to step into a power we never knew we had."

I love how PT focuses in really doing the work. The pandemic affected us all in different ways but the most common, universal feeling we all felt was uncertainty. Uncertainty for our tomorrow, our future. And that to even the most courageous of us is scary. What happens when our plans change? How do we navigate our day to day without a concrete plan? Well PT encourages us to stay open to possibility. If we don't know what lies ahead, maybe we can be bolder, be braver and take steps forward without expectations. Maybe we can stop putting off the things that can help build something that matters. Maybe we can learn a new skill, without knowing whether if it will become useful. Surely nothing is wasted. And PT being a man of faith, definitely stirs us to remember that God's plans are good, even if we don't know what it may look like, we can trust the one who does.

Tune into this wonderful conversation now!

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