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In my episode with Ashton Cantou, she truly encourages us to face our inner most demons, and take radical responsibility over our actions to come out the other side better, more aligned and more grounded. From past experiences, overcoming adversity, to spiritual grounding and making new choices, we talk life, and why conquering ourselves in life is the key to moving forward.

A leaf we can definitely take out of Ashton's book is to face ourselves, all of us, not just the good parts. Cutting excuses from our daily lives will help us be our best self, and also conquering our weaknesses and staying committed to the process, will reap so much good fruit! Often when we go through adversity we want to focus on the thing's outside of us and our control that contributed to us being where we are. If we do this, we can avoid taking radical responsibility. But according to Ashton, this is where many of us go wrong. In fact when you do the work, and choose to focus on you and not on how other people failed you, or how luck wasn't on your side, you take your power back!

"It isn't enough just to say it. We have to do!"

As a woman of faith, Ashton certainly cannot rule out the divine helping hand in this process of overcoming in life. Without a foundation we are shaky. I can completely relate to this myself. I cannot disregard the hand of God in my life, and how my faith has helped me in everything. Relying on one's own strength for everything can be extremely exhausting. One may say, all of us have our own "coping mechanisms," and while I definitely agree to that, there are healthy choices of coping and other coping methods which do not contribute to our overall wellbeing. The important question then is which coping mechanism do you choose?

"Without a foundation we are shaky."

We can either choose to be a victim of our circumstances or decide to make a different choice. Different isn't always better, but until we don't try we don't know. Knowing that something better is out there for you, and accepting that we all will have obstacles come at is in the process, sure as hell gives us perspective. We can choose which obstacles we are going to let us get affected by the most. And when that obstacle hits, it's ok to need to feel those emotions and sit there for a while, but it's not ok to just stay there forever.

Commit to a life that empowers you. Commit to wanting the best for yourself and being ready to do something about it, because it isn't enough just to say it. We have to do!

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