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This week my guest Natsune spoke about self domination. What does that even mean? To me dominating the self is much like conquering the mind. It has "Unplug With Ani" written all over it! Conquering yourself is life's greatest journey. Isn't that what we find ourselves doing in some way or form day in,day out? I know I do!

I think about all the things I feel I'm still conquering. The more I learn about myself, through life experiences, through lessons, tests and blessings, the ups and the downs, the more I conquer those parts of me. But it isn't what you think. It's never really done and dusted is it? Lesson learnt and that's it? It's more like, constant practice of the lessons learnt so you actually can conquer. It's like being a warrior. You have to prepare for battle before the battle comes. You have to always be ready. Prepare your weapons. Wear your armour. The enemy can attack you even when you least expect. In the middle of the night. On what seems like a "perfect" day. But if you train day in day out, you are always prepared. Isn't that what success is at its root? Talent being prepared? Meeting at the right moment. So personally I believe we never truly conquer anything unless we practice and even then some days are better than others. So consistency really comes into play here too. If we aren't consistent with the training and persistent with practice, we get rusty!

"We can't cheat the process!"

I think about when I was training more MMA style and doing more boxing. I got faster, my arms became stronger and more sculpted and I had a different kind of endurance. Cut to a couple years later, I'm still decently good because I do other forms of fitness training, but the mobility isn't quite the same because the consistency changed. Sure I can probably learn faster this time round, the more I do, but at times it feels like I need to learn from scratch. We can't always pick up as we left off. We can't always rely on muscle memory. We can't cheat the process! 

"We cannot expect to get results for the work we choose not to do."

So why do we try? Often it's because we look around us and see other people doing what we can't. Or even others succeeding where maybe you haven't YET. I say yet because everything has a time. We cannot expect to get results for the work we choose not to do. I'm going to say it again. WE CANNOT GET RESULTS FOR THE WORK WE DON'T DO. So why do we assume we can? Why do we get bugged by others winning at times? We only do this when we think it is a comment on our own ability to win, when in actuality it isn't about us at all. When others win, it doesn't mean we fail. It doesn't have to be like that. We can keep celebrating other people's success because it really doesn't hamper our own. We cannot expect to have the same gifts, and the more we get comfortable with this, the more we step into the power of our own skin. The more we focus on our lane, the more we succeed in our lane. The more we focus on conquering our own mind, the more disciplined we become at working towards our own fulfillment, not what would look good to others or satisfy our ego. 

"There is always magic even in the mess."

I don't know if we ever truly dominate our own self. But we can get close. Sometimes life teaches us lessons the hard way but many a time we contribute to that by being stubborn in our ways. Beauty and greatness can be born from the pit. There is always magic even in the mess. And this week Natsune also touches on how life lessons don't need to break you but can actually propel you to greatness! 

Tune in now :) Happy Listening.    

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