· poetry

I'm tripping on life, my thoughts in a bubble,

I'm vulnerable, likely to get into trouble.

And you smelt me a mile away,

your eyes spotted me across the crowd,

It was like a slow motion movie shot,

the music so loud.

And i swear that i found you before you found me,

although it looks like the other way round.

And it feels like i conjured you up from memory,

your voice, your touch, your sound.

I can picture it so vividly, the look that you gave,

when you knew you just shouldn't give in.

Your eyes harbor a secret but i am sure i can guess,

those lips, that glorious grin.

And he says "I can't take my eyes off you,"

or did it end "in that dress that your wearing?"

And i turn around and smile secretly to myself,

as i can feel his eyes on me, staring.

I come back in minutes only to find you are gone.

I couldn't have imagined you surely.

A note left, a sign, a message of sorts,

would make a more complex love story.

And a beep on my cellphone brings me back to the now,

"Fair lady don't gloat in sorrow. With your permission if i may steal more of your time,

i'd like to come back and play tomorrow."

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