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Hey I hear you,

I feel you

I know the drama,

I know the trauma.


I know it.

See I know how it feels and I'm jus tryin to be real,

Ya you didn't get the deal though you worked your ass off,

Ain't we all just been there,

When there's no change to spare

And yet you gotta bring your A game,

Life's backdrop.

Ya I know how it feels, and the drama makes me reel, but the trauma now that's real

Take my hat off.

Did you think it would just be bliss

All the way through?

I hear you hiss,

Damn I feel you,

But even though we both blue,

Still wear my cross.

Through thick and thin,

When you right at the wim,

I look to him

He's got my back boss.

And I wouldn't change a thing...

Cause in this process I got to know him,

And life may not always be bangin

But at least I'm not hanging

On false promises...

Wrong ideals...

Make believe stories ...

I look up to the sky

And feel his smile..

Goodness he's alive.

Do you feel it?

I cant conceal it.

And these days my creative energy flows

Gods got me you know,

He binding my words,


He telling me the way to be.

I know I just gotta walk

Though I might face a few jerks in the road,

In my head and heart I know

He there.

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