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Everything is just as it's meant to be


· poetry,Positivity,Motivation,Mindset,life

I know I may not seemed phase with life,
With the daily chores, with the daily strife.
I may act as if life will last forever
And seem very put together.
I know I'm not in a hurry to settle,
For specific job or place or just in general,
But I have this unshakable belief that things, they do come together,
And nothing my dear lasts forever.

And why do we have to pick one place to live?
Who said that everyone has to do this?
Why do we have to be working at a certain age?
I get it I get it, bills need to be paid.
But there are different ways to earn a living,
There are different ways to have a life.
There are always gonna be errands and billing,
There's always gonna be some strife.

So no matter which road you choose to walk on,
No matter which person you choose to be.
No matter if you have someone to go home to,
As long as somewhere you are happy.
With the choices you make,
The life that you choose,
The people you befriend,
The love you lose.
With the daily grind you take,
With the work that you do,
With the toothpaste you use,
Just to name a few...

Yes the choices we make.
At the end of the day it is indeed a choice.
Don't worry I'm not telling you to not rejoice!
It may not always be perfect,
But who wants perfection?
As long as you think you are going in the right direction.

There is no formula dear.
No formula to the right life.
You don't need to be a mother or a wife.
You don't need to be somebody else to feel whole.
Everybody here has a different goal.
And maybe you want a bit of that and a bit of something else,
You can get that too, and much more else,
If you aim for the moon you may reach the stars,
You may want the fame, the money, the cars.

You may want to devote your life to just one person, one thing.
You may want to travel or work with people suffering.
Your dream might be the smallest of goals
But everyone will face their share of potholes.

And you may think "oh that person! They have it all"
You may feel at times its only you that has falls,
But there's a reason they say the grass is greener on the other side,
For every story has the storm's as well as the tides.

I may not seem phased by time but I am,
It's scary you see. I'm not a fan.
I will life to pause on the greatest of days,
I pray to soak up the moments, in so many ways.
But I know everything has a time and a place,
And it's not in anyone's control,
We just get a taste.
We have been given free will to make the life we choose,
And sometimes life chooses us,
Sometimes we win,
Sometimes we lose.

It's a beautiful chaos
I said once long ago,
And it will be the same again tomorrow.
And the day after that
And the year after that too,
Just make your choices my dear
You'll know what to do.
Commit to your choices and don't ever look back,
For the second chances also come looking ahead,
The next music track.
And when you look back in hindsight hopefully you will see
That everything is just as it's meant to be.


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