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Could these things be stopping you from achieving?

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Some habits creep up on us, though they were just there to visit. The worst thing is if they end up staying! What are these habits? And how do we get rid of them? I shed some light below.

1. High expectations- This creep definitely can get the better of us before we know it. There may be a whole lot of things we want to achieve, but slow and steady wins the race remember. We don't want to burn out, we want to be able to sustain success. In a culture of now now now and fast fast fast, sometimes we need to learn to recognize when we are being our own worst enemy. If you think high expectations are making you perform less efficiently, or could be the culprit for lack of motivation, than keep an account. I highly recommend keeping a journal of your process, so you can track how your feeling. I also suggest keeping lists for those daily, weekly and monthly goals, helps give you a sense of priority, as well as being able to cross them off when achieved. That just puts a big smile on my face! Its such a small, simple thing, but can help you stay motivated, and encourage you to take baby steps rather then add so much pressure to the amount you have to do in a day. Setting some deadlines can also keep you motivated and accountable.

2. Just dreaming and not doing- This is a good one! Do we have a goal/plan? Do we have strategies in place to execute them? What are we doing to execute them in the NOW? Its all good and well to know what we want to do, but the lack of motivation to do can cause us serious setbacks. Assuming the reason is not just laziness, we need to be able to hold ourselves accountable, or hire someone who can. This will prevent our own selves from getting in the way of our success. Mentors can be a great asset in this. Mentors are also expensive. So i would say follow people who inspire you (considering it's now all about social media gurus), meet people who encourage you to do your best, or ask friends/family to check in on your progress.

3. Waiting for inspiration- Another thing we often do when we get stuck. Instead of procrastinating, do something which contributes to that end goal. It could even be reading a book to gain more knowledge of that specific profession, or thing. It could be more market research, or networking. It could be jotting down ideas for that new book, or brainstorming with people you trust about potential ideas. It could simply be asking for help. Don't wait for that inspiration, make it happen, because it can kick in any point in time. Sometimes just listening to a great piece of music can inspire you, or going for a long drive. Find out what those things are, and do more of them.

4. Lack of self- belief- We all have moments where fear creeps in and tells us we aren't good enough. Before we know it we have scrapped that idea, and gone back to the thing which isn't making us happy. Don't get me wrong. Not all work is going to always give us happiness. Nothing great and worth it comes easy. There will be times when even our dream job can be a nightmare. The main thing is that overall we enjoy and love the process because we know we are getting to do the thing we love. In order to get there, self-belief is going to be compromised. How do we avoid it? Well again, ask yourself who are you listening to? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Your not going to want to be around negativity, or constant discouragement. Check your circle. Positive affirmations are great for a pick me up! Having good conversations with friends can be a mood boost. Finding the things you do love about yourself is important. No one is perfect. We are constantly learning, and it is amazing what one can do when they are open to getting better and growing.

5. Mr and Mrs know it all- I am pretty sure you know one or two of these kind of people. Remember do not let confidence slip into arrogance, because there is a fine line. Be open to receiving new information from people, because you never know what you are going to learn. There will be people you meet who do think they know everything about everything, but they may not be the right people to advise you, so have the discernment to understand who is good for you and who is not. Do they have previous success in an area you want to work on? Do they know about you and your skills? Do they have real time experience? If not, why are you consulting them in the first place? And if you happen to be the know it all yourself, well this is just a polite reminder to remember everyone is different, and every experience is different. You can always share your experiences, but this should be in a loving and respectful way, not my way or the highway, if you know what i mean

I hope that was helpful! A lot of the guests on my podcast @unplugwithani are constantly sharing strategies which work for them, related to business, entrepreneurship, mindset and mindfulness. If this is a topic which interests you, i would highly suggest subscribing now, by clicking on podcasts on the site, and subscribing to your preferred platform :) enjoy!

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