How do we learn to conquer ourselves? Our innermost thoughts, our attitude to failure and success? And how does that very attitude define who we are. What we believe is intrinsically linked to our identity. Until we make better choices, our lives become stagnated, especially when we latch onto things which no longer serve us. Letting go off those things, can be extremely painful, and uncomfortable. But we either choose comfort and risk becoming complacent, or choose GROWTH! you can't have both! You can have both at different times, but not together.

This week I spoke to Lee Chambers about purpose, and if you haven't heard the episode yet [link at end of article] I suggest you do! According to Lee, "purpose isn't something we find, we create it." And this line stuck with me. So many of us are busy chasing purpose as if it is some attainable, tangent thing. But it's like that analogy of trying to hold onto sand, only to find it escaping through your fingers. You cannot hold purpose and constrain it to a thing, be it job title or an event.

"Purpose isn't something you find, you create it"- Lee Chambers

On this series I specifically found myself talking to people who really practice what they preach. What do they have in common? They've all been through situations which have had them question their purpose because of something which happened to them, not something they chose. Therefore it was completely out of their control. I think we can agree on that. And I'm sure you have some experience like this too. Most of these, we manage to overcome without thinking too much. A parking ticket we weren't expecting for example, a fall and nasty graze to the knee, a toothache which needed a root canal eventually, a flu which keeps us bed ridden for a few days, to name a few. But have you had something taken away from you that left you with two choices? EVOLVE or STAY THE SAME.

My guest on this episode had an injury which resulted in a complete career turn, as did many of my guests. Is it what they really wanted? I doubt! However they didn't let major life changing events change their purpose. They let it change their direction! And that isn't a bad thing. We can create purpose right now. Wherever you are. We can hold a space of gratitude of what we have been given, while waiting for life to unfold. It isn't about accepting our circumstances because we think we will never achieve our's about holding space and allowing our character to be developed in the now, for what we are asking for. If we want influence, are we being influential to our friends and family? If we want more money, how are we managing what we currently have? If we want good health, are we eating well, and making better choices? And if life throws us completely off, do we decide to take on the role of "victim" or do we get up and still choose life, and decide to create purpose. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

"...they didn't let major life changing events change their purpose. They let it change their direction! "

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