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How important is play to a human and why do we need to insert playfulness into everything we do? This week I spoke to Alyea Sandovar about her work in the gaming industry but more significantly the importance of inserting play into everything we do. We've all been in that place where we just can't tap into the idea bucket! We don't feel inspired enough to write or create, or we don't feel motivated enough to do the things we really need to be doing to move forward. So how do we break out of this funk?!

1. Simplify: Brainstorming some words, jot down ideas and think out of the box. For example, say you want to write a book or a script. You don't need the whole story to begin with. Jot down words that you feel describe how you want the reader/audience to feel. Jot down how you feel about this whole task, or even journal it! Plant a few seeds by simply allowing yourself to not "overthink" it but just be. You can tell by now (if you've been reading the blogs) how I love the word "BE." 

"We just need to do what we don't normally do once in a while."

Step away from the task at hand: Sometimes we just need to go for a walk, or as Alyea mentioned, have a daytime beer! Go see the ducks, or even play a computer game. We just need to do what we don't normally do once in a while. It's like that saying, if we want different results, we gotta do something different! Breaking away from mundane tasks and a to-do lists helps spark creativity and play. Just make sure you don't guilt trip yourself afterwards! They do say, "have a break, have a kit-kat" for a reason!

Actually, visit the "To- do list": Ok I know what you're thinking. I just said don't do the to-do list. But if you generally avoid that list, maybe it's time to visit it. This could include exercising, or meal prepping, or even meditation! Perhaps there are hobbies you just haven't started, or resolutions you haven't attempted. Give it a try!

Journalling: I am a huge fan! I used to type out a daily journal for a while, and now I am more of a Sunday, weekly reflector. There is really no hard and fast rule. Free writing can be beautiful when it comes to getting out of your head. In fact by doing it, you discover what is in your head! The irony! 

Break patterns: It's amazing how when we are kids, we don't care about perfection at all. There isn't this idea in our head that comes along with the pressure of getting that line absolutely straight and perfect. We colour outside the box. We smudge. We colour the sky green and the grass purple, and it's all bloody ok! It doesn't kill anyone! So why, as we get older do we let go of that inner child wonder. Sketching, drawing and painting are fantastic opportunities to unleash our inner creativity. I know I used to love randomnly doodling in class, if I found my attention span declining. We tend to think, "Oh no, how the hell can we find time to do that," or "No, that would just take me completely away from what it is I am trying to achieve here," or even "isn't that just another form of procrastination?" Maybe it is, and if it is who cares?! If its allowing you to just get your hands a little dirty or just allowing yourself to do something different, it can truly be a miracle worker. Don't we want a bit of paprika in our food from time to time? I know I do! Don't get caught up in having to do things only one way. There isn't a "right" way of doing anything. 

I hope you enjoy this week's episode with Alyea, and if there's one thing to takeaway from it, it's definitely this: PLAY MORE! Happy listening. 

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