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We live in a fast paced world needing solutions, and coaching can help us get there! This week's guest is a life coach (Rakish Rana-The clear coach) and has been for a signficiant amount of time, where he underwent a complete career change when he realised his work wasn't fulfilling or giving him any happiness. The world "clear" is used as an acronym to highlight Rakish's approach to coaching:  

C - Connection = build a strong rapport to connect at all levels

L - Language = jargon-free; allow your message to be clearly understood 

E - Energy & Enthusiasm = adrenaline, inspiration, motivation, positivity and productivity as you live your life

A - Awareness = raise your consciousness to stimulate change 

R - Results = to be proud of your achievements and transformations

Rakish definitely believes that coaching fundamentally is about great communciation and connection. And it's through this connection that you can show up authentically, providing your client with great results! It was his curiosity which allowed him to be aware that he wasn't happy doing his previous work and that he needed CHANGE. I truly believe this is always the first step. Understanding that something isn't working and going inwards to investigate what that is. Radical change happens when we take radical responsibility. 

I think about how a many times I have viewed something as a problem verses a challenge. Change becomes so much easier when we view a problem as a challenge because a challenge automatically gives us something to work with. A problem seems neverending, where as every challenge can have a solution. I know when this switch happens for me I get so much more hands on. I think about all the people who may be going through this same challenge and also those who may have overcome a challenge like this and say "if they can do it, so can I."  That may seem daft, but the way we talk to ourselves really matters. If we are constantly feeding our mind negativity, by reinforcing that we aren't good enough, or we don't have the access, or even blame shifting everything, we are ultimately saying that we can't be responsible for this, or what happens to us, and that isn't true! 

"The truth is how we do one thing is how we do everything."

Isn't it funny how we can get in the way of our own growth. Self sabotage is real!  I think about all the times I may have said to myself or to others that "I don't have time for that," versus how I feel about it now. If we replace that with "It isn't my priority," alot changes! Suddenly we are faced with taking responsibility for our actions and ourselves and therefore our future. Suddenly it feels very real doesn't it? Looking back in time I know that there were certainly moments I didn't value my time. This was reflected also by who I chose to spend my time with. When you look at your life, do you ever think you wasted time? How does that make you feel? It honestly makes me feel darn awful! But had I known then, what I know now, the story would be very different. The GOOD NEWS is, it's never too late. We can take life by the reigns right now, wherever we are, and make an oath to our future selves, that we are going to live life more centered, more intentional and not get in our own way. 

We owe it to ourselves to start getting more selfish with our time. Because the truth is how we do one thing is how we do everything. You get to decide who you want to spend time with and how you want to spend it. Although change is challenging,  it is also possible.  I know it can't all be implemented in one day,  but I like to make a note of what is important to me and make a list of a few things that I need to do everyday in order to see lasting change. Some personal examples are:

1. Ask a question to something I don't know the answer to each day

2. Make time for moving (Fitness) everyday

3. Read something everyday 

4. Work on my craft everyday

There is so much I do want, that it can often feel overwhelming. Where do I need to start? But what I've come to realise is, writing things down andunderstanding who I want to be not just tomorrow, but today, as well as committing to a few things each day which enable me to walk in that direction, makes all the difference. You may ask, why do I need to ask questions everyday? Well for me it's to get past anything holding me back. It's to get rid of the fear complex that can be so binding. Being unafraid to be wrong and take critique is also so important to me. How can we learn if we know everything or think we are always right? Making the list can be fun, if you start getting honest with yourself about what's holding you back. 

"Radical change happens when we take radical responsibility."

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