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"The change really starts with challenging our perception of reality. What is real depends on what is socially acceptable and until we challenge this mindset of society as a whole, we can never really make meaningful progress that is sustained. "

Betty really highlights how change begins inwards before it can be expressed outward. When trials and tribulation hits, our character gets revealed. Our deepest beliefs come to the surface. Our heart is exposed. The way to greater change then, is when we first decide to change ourselves.

How can we really contribute to change, if we don't become part of it? This reminds me of Mother Teresa's wise words, which to paraphrase is, 'if you want to change the world, go home to your family.' What did she mean? Well deep rooted change starts when we target deep rooted beliefs, and deep rooted beliefs begin in our childhood, in our homes, with our caregivers and those most close to us. If we can't help them, and be better with them, how can we help the world? This also suggests that every day baby steps lead to far more change, as opposed to trying to be "perfect" overnight.

Another way to see this, is committing to small change within ourselves before we go out and help other people. You get my drift.

"When trials and tribulation hits, our character gets revealed."

Betty's organisation "Beat Sexism" is truly on the ground, in the trenches doing significant work to fight gender and the inequality disparity. It would be foolish to say women have complete equal rights even today. So much of this inequality is deeply embedded into cultural norms that it is impossible to just change through the education system. How else can things change for the better? The willingness in our own life to have challenging conversations at work, at home, in community groups, and on the go even with strangers may be a start. If we shy away from challenging each other's perceptions of what we know, we won't know how much we can affect people for the betterment of society. If we shy away from these important conversations, we don't give other's the opportunity to change us. It truly works both ways. This deep work, I personally feel will support the work of many organisations around the world, who strive on a daily basis to make the world a freer, better and more equal space for a better future.

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