What becomes apparent very quickly is Christian is a true "Hustler." I definitely left our conversation feeling motivated and also respecting the grind people don't see behind closed doors. He left me with this question "what do I let stand in my way?" And I encourage you to do the same. Do you say what you are going to do? Do you practice what you preach behind closed doors?

I have realized that even though unplug started as a means to inspire and impact the life of other's and YOU the audience, the conversations have impacted me in an incredible way. The more I learn as a coach, the more I grow as a human being, as I learn to apply the fundamentals I teach, first in my own life, and than to others.

With the concept of "Attraction," depending on what you believe in, and where you stand spiritually, we all have some kind of deep rooted belief which determines how we perceive this idea of attraction, and if it is really possible. Historically this idea of "thoughts become things," goes way back! It's actually a pretty recycled concept, which we see time and time again, regurgitated in different ways, to accomplish a new refined meaning. Even if you consider yourself to be "religious," you would agree that our thoughts can definitely be our best friend or worst enemy. So how do we make sure it is the former rather than the latter?

A lesson I definitely took from my guest Christian is that we get to decide who we want to become. We get to decide the choices. We can be miserable today or we can find a way to be grateful and more joyful, even in the bleakest circumstances. It may not be easy, and it may not come naturally, but if we are persistent with it, with rewiring the brain, with wanting a different outcome, we naturally move towards making a different choice. A new one. One that, whilst we don't know what the choice will lead to exactly, we can be confident it is a better outcome then the choice before. And how do we do this? Deciding right now! That if I really want to choose misery for the rest of today I shall. Perhaps today it is truly what I want. Maybe I need to reflect and deal with some hardcore emotions and maybe cry the whole day, and that is completely fine. But the day we decide we want change, we have to move in change's direction. It doesn't magically happen sitting on the couch. If that was the case, we would all be successful and rich and happy!

"But the day we decide we want change, we have to move in change's direction."

And even if you do not believe in any kind of law of attraction, I am sure you would agree that blessing's and good news often find us when we are busy going after something, that isn't always the money, or the fame. When we are busy doing "the work," and going after a bigger purpose, a purpose which is way more satisfactory than any outside validation, that is when something magical happens and clicks. It's not temporary happiness we are ultimately after. We don't want fleeting changes. We want sustainable ones.

Are you moving into position today? Are you ready to get what you want and get out of your own damn way? On your marks, get set...GO!

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