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How do we learn to take our lessons and use them to propel us forward doing purposeful work? How do we train our mind like an athlete? How do we take what's paining us and make it serve us? How do we truly amplify our growth?

My guest on this episode, John Templeton is definitely confident in his ability to shine the light on where you're going off course. His mastermind courses not only give you accountability but empower you to take responsibility for the things you can control, because there are always factors you can! What becomes evident in this episode to the listener is that where ever you are in your journey, if your unhappy with it, and you're aware your unhappy, only you can change it.

Sometimes our greatest breakdown, leads to our greatest breakthrough. John's message is simple. Cut the excuses, and do what you say you're going to do. Cut the chatter and actually walk the talk. There is no room for excuses if you want to amplify your growth. And growth starts when you take a hard look in the mirror and come to terms with the fact you may not be your best self.

If we get past the acceptance, we can experience acceleration.

"Sometimes our greatest breakdown, leads to our greatest breakthrough."

I love how John is committed to making change. And to bring about change in other's, he realized he had to bring about change in himself. It doesn't happen by waving a magic wand and hoping for the best. It comes by getting up every day committed to the fact you may stumble but you are determined to persevere and beat the odds. You aren't going to take "No," for an answer. You aren't entertaining your own bullshit excuses of not having enough time to drink water, or workout or start writing that dream book. You are committed. Even if it means an extra glass of water each day, a 20 min walk around the house if no other option and a paragraph of writing everyday. Baby steps lead to success!

"And growth starts when you take a hard look in the mirror and come to terms with the fact you may not be your best self.
If we get past the acceptance, we can experience acceleration"

Growth never happens on it's own. We also need to be practical and admit and accept it won't happen overnight. Some days we may mess up and eat that damn doughnut! Some days we won't have energy to wake up and get shit done. And honestly considering we are currently navigating a pandemic, that is completely fine! We have to give ourselves grace. However with that grace, holding ourselves accountable, and otherwise assigning other's to us who could help us makes a huge difference. Maybe it means sharing your goals online, in public because that gives you that accountability factor. Maybe it means joining an online Facebook group to help you stay accountable. Maybe it means phoning a friend weekly to check in. You don't always need a coach. You just need experiment and find the thing that works for you.

This week make sure you commit to doing that thing! And if you haven't found it yet, well what are you waiting for?

If you haven't yet heard the episode with John, Click the button at the end of the article!

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