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What really stood out in my conversation with Coach Cam, was his passion to commit and also expand in so many different avenues. Cameron refuses to be restricted by the thoughts of what people say or think he should do, but instead he embraces all of his talents and gifts, continually honing them, and persevering in the direction of his vision. Isn't that what we all need? Not the sugar coated motivating words we can easily search for online, but the real anecdotes of someone who has been out there and done what they said they will do.

"No one just becomes an "overnight success."

There's a misconception that successful people have it all together, and I would argue that is very untrue. The blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes are real. No one just becomes an "overnight success," and we can so easily forget this when we are bombarded by stories of just that in the media. What does it really take? And do we all really have the attitude and GRATITUDE mindset to do the job and also continue being passionate about it? Success isn't a one time tick in the box. Success doesn't stop once you achieve what you go out to. And I wonder how many of us can truly keep at it, never stop, never give up no matter what hurdles get thrown at us.

In 2018 I decided to do a documented gratitude challenge in my IG stories. I decided that everyday I would post a story for a whole year and each story would contain something I am grateful for. I would express this via written text, or sometimes video, or even a poem. The whole exercise truly transformed the way I think. When we operate from this space of gratitude there is a mindset shift, from lacking to abundance. It doesn't mean everyday was perfect or that I didn't feel low during that year. What it meant instead was, despite not being where maybe I thought I should be at this point in my life, or despite a rejection that day, an argument, stress or even unproductiveness, I could still be grateful for something! Funnily enough I found myself being most grateful for provision. For the small things, like a wonderful conversation, or for just having a caring family, for the stars in the sky and water to drink. It ultimately wasn't about the big things and I think that's testament to the fact that, no matter how much money is in the bank or material things we have, it's the matters of the heart which make the most difference and have the most impact.

Due to the success of that challenge (and trust me I surprised myself) I decided to do it again in 2020! This time I challenged followers to also jump on, and had a handful of people who did. It felt like a tribe sticking together despite the odds. Perhaps we weren't able to post one day, but then we caught up the next. I had messages pop in my DM from people asking what the challenge was about and why I chose to do it. As well as messages from people joining in, telling me how life changing this challenge was. It made me reflect on the fact gratitude makes life better. Have you noticed when you let stress get on top of you, you find yourself being miserable with those around you? When you can't see past the problem, you wallow in misery because the problem becomes the all consuming thing preventing you from stepping forward! It's in these moments I urge you and challenge you to take a moment to take a deep breathe, sit down (or stand up, whatever tickles your fancy. Jog on the spot or do a jumping jack if it helps!) and think of one thing you're grateful for. If you can be truly present and connected in this moment, the very thing stressing you out loses its power. And bam, a small little miracle happens. The gratitude becomes a healing balm, a sort of band-aid for the wound. Sure in this moment it might provide temporary relief to an overriding problem, but its free! Its accessible! It doesn't require you to fork out a load of cash you don't have or to be inconvenienced.

"What if we lived life like this? Moment to moment to moment. One problem at a time."

Isn't this true success? Conquering a moment. What if we lived life like this? Moment to moment to moment. One problem at a time. One moment at a time. Fixing our focus on where we are right now and developing a new way of seeing life right now before we get to the next moment. The perseverance happens when we choose that next moment. When we deal with the now and still decide that we want to live life head on. It doesn't have to just be because of ambition and a big dream. It doesn't have to always look BIG. It can be the small achievement of getting up the next day, simply feeling grateful for everything and getting all your ironing done! Maybe that's success for you. Whatever it is, make sure you get acquainted with gratitude. It's going to be one of the best relationships you have!

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